Swimsuit Addiction

Have you noticed how times have changed on “how to wear” by the beach! Not long ago I would go and search for the smallest bikini bottom swimwear a.k.a thong!(Speak-no-evil monkey) So I would minimise as much as possible those albino/tanned maps on my body!
Now the flow is going back in time to the high waist swimsuit!
We don’t just go at the beach for the tan (we can get tanned all year long) or the relaxing! If we are booking our holidays in Greece or Spain (day-dreaming)️… we are looking fwd to the mojitos and the foam parties. We want to look sexy by the afternoon but still on swimwear outfit!

On dentellebleue.com you will find the latest spring/summer collection of swimwear totally in the spirit of the times and the actual summer trend.

The Cut Out One-Piece Swimsuit in colours yellow/white and white/dark blue!
I’m in love with the light colours combination because after a day by the beach, the lighter colours will show your tanning shades better and will give light to your facial features.
Also the special about this design is the V-side cut and the fact that it is a High Waist Cut, which will make your legs look longer.

More importantly, the swimsuits are the perfect choice if during the winter you have gathered some weight around the belly. As the elasticity of the material will avoid as much as possible the difference of weight in your body areas, as it wouldn’t if you’d be wearing a two-pieces bikini swimwear!
Hope I gave you some ideas and wish you all an unforgettable summer! xoxo

by Layce