Dentelle Bleue Breaks into London Fashion Scene

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Started in 2014 by a budding fashion design student, in its first year labelDentelle Bleue has already presented at London Fashion Week and was elected as a showcase designer in Essex Fashion Week. Dentelle Bleueis a diffusion line that aims to offer a more contemporary and athletic aesthetic. The design of Dentelle Bleu features structural forms and architectural elements, based off of the London skyline itself. Most designers that feature a futuristic vibe to their clothing turn me off immediately – its not particularly one of my favorite styles. However, when I got invited to see Dentelle Bleue at LFW, I was gutted that I couldn’t go (Curse you, Atlantic Ocean and my expiring UK Visa!). Strong tailoring and am emphasis on reinventing the concept of the evening gown have been popular in recent runway shows, see both Christopher Kane and David Koma. Dentelle Bleue immediately struck me as reminiscent to David Koma designs, but reinvented for a more modern woman. I am a die-hard fan of Koma but Dentelle Bleue seemed something much easier for me to wear – and afford.

I got to talk to Layce Humphreys, the founder of Dentelle Bleue, about what it’s like to break out from university and start her own design. Humphreys had been working and studying in London for some time before starting out on her own. “I founded Dentelle Bleue this year, after graduating from university and doing endless internships in London. It was always a dream of mine, and luckily I had really great support and took the plunge!”

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When it comes to breaking out in a world full of designers and new labels, Humphreys also had a few tricks up her sleeve to keep the branding of Dentelle Bleue consistent. “I’ve kept both of the Spring Summer and Autumn Winter within the same theme – that way, the brand has a consistency that I feel is most important – inspired by structural forms and architecture!” With city living hitting an all-time high, it makes sense for Humphreys to capitalize on our love of all things metropolitan. “I want people to appreciate the things that we take for granted…

I always get inspired in city’s, especially London, and I feel this comes down to how the city is built. The creativity of it. I wanted to show that although it was inspired by something, it’s still so simple and can connect to each individual.”

Her other inspiration, outside of the city? “I do love the Olsen twins!”

Admist all of the insanity that involves launching a new collection, she was lucky enough to take a step back and enjoy what was going on around her. “The most exciting moment was showcasing at London Fashion Week: Off Schedule. It’s such a thrill and a buzz, and to see that people are appreciating it, it’s a really good feeling.”

by Layce